5 essential steps to planning to redecorate

With popular do-it-yourself styles guides, television programmes and interior design celebrity tips, you would think that decorating your home would be a breeze. But when it comes down to planning your new look, where do you start?

These 5 steps should get your creative juices flowing and start you in the right direction to Interior Design genius:

1) Distinguish the purpose

The first port of call when decorating any room is to decide the purpose of that room. Will it be a living room, a snug, a dining and living room combined? Who will it be used by? Some design ideas are suited best for adult-only rooms and for rooms with children and pets, various other design techniques can be considered.

2) Choose a theme

Themes can be great in any room. More popular themes include nautical or seaside bathrooms, ancient library studies and country lodge living rooms. A theme can bring unity to a room, and will determine colours and accessories for you straight away.

3) Gain inspiration

Search through style blogs and home interest magazines to find the perfect look for you. Good examples can often be found in furniture suppliers’ brochures. Pull out anything that inspires you or that reflects the mood and feel that you want your room to induce. Once collated you should have a more distinct idea of how you would like your room to look.

4) Be consistent

Think about the other rooms in your house. You want there to be some flow from room to room to keep a sense of consistency throughout your home.

5) Decide your colour scheme

If you have gone for a themed approach, your colour scheme may already be decided for you. If not it could be a good start to think about what feelings you would like to evoke and choose a colour scheme to reflect that. If you are interested in the benefits of Feng Shui, turn to it’s rules on colour schemes for inspiration.