Perhaps the main reason why so many of us opt for loose furniture covers is the ease at which we can remove and wash them when they’re starting to look a little grubby.

That way, it looks like we have a new sofa after every single wash. But how easy is it to care for your new loose furniture covers? This guide gives a rough outline of what may be required in keeping up the appearance of your beautiful new covers.


Most loose furniture covers are machine or hand washable. You should always check for labels containing washing instructions. Washing your loose covers regularly will revive the shape of your covers and maintain their beautiful fit.


Once washed you can to lightly spin or line dry your loose covers. Depending on the fabric you choose, some materials may not need ironing and can just be re-fitted straight away once dry. For more rigid covers, you may be able to cool iron whilst damp if necessary.


Many loose furniture covers will be hardwearing so that you can be firm when re-fitting them over your furniture. Particularly with made-to-measure loose covers, these will be designed to fit snugly around your furniture so you may need to be a little rougher when re-applying these.

Reducing Fabric Wear

You can reduce the wear of your loose covers by regularly vacuuming or brushing them, depending on the durability of the fabric. Accumulated dirt can accelerate fabric wear. You may wish to regularly rotate the loose cushions so that each side gets even wear. Try to position your furniture away from direct sunlight, as this can fade the fabric over time.