Deciding to renew your furniture with loose covers can seem like a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you and your furniture?

This easy to follow guide will take you through the pros and cons of each of the companies presented on this website. We will try to help you understand the different services they provide and how your choice will affect your final result and your shopping experience.

Should I choose Plumbs Made-to-Measure Loose Furniture Covers?

Choosing made-to-measure furniture covers is the one way that you can ensure you are receiving a quality fit that is tailored to the exact dimensions of your furniture.

With Plumbs made-to-measure loose covers, a trained expert will measure your furniture accurately and free of charge. Your covers will then be tailored to these measurements, ensuring a beautiful fit around your furniture.

Another advantage to made-to-measure furniture covers is that you can almost guarantee that your covers are going to be unique. It is unlikely that you will see your exact covers peering back at you from the set of a popular TV programme, for instance.

The amount of choice you have with Plumbs in particular can ensure that your loose furniture covers are simply one of a kind. Plumbs allow you to select the colour, design and feel that you want by choosing from their extensive fabric range.

With Plumbs made-to-measure loose furniture covers you can also choose the perfect finish for your covers, opting for different fits and styles.

You needn’t let the choices overwhelm you as Plumbs friendly Home Consultants are at hand to talk you through every step, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The Consultants are there to offer advice and nothing more. There is no sales pressure and absolutely no obligation to buy. Just a kind, expert ear.

You can’t buy online with Plumbs but what they offer is so much better and the final result is certainly worth it: bespoke furniture covers just for you, fitted free of charge by one of their Home Consultants.

Should I choose Bemz IKEA Loose Furniture Covers?

If you have IKEA furniture, Bemz may be your best option when thinking about buying your new loose covers. Unlike made-to-measure covers, no measurements need to be taken of your furniture since all IKEA furniture of a particular model is the same size.

So, if you have a ‘Stockholm’ 2-seater sofa, for example, Bemz know the exact measurements of this model already, and will make your covers accordingly.

The idea behind Bemz is that you can personalise your IKEA sofa or chair to reflect your taste. A lot of Bemz fabrics are designed to mix and match so you have a larger choice of looks. There are over 180 fabrics to choose from, all ranging in colour, pattern and style. You can opt for a simple plain or be retro with geometric shapes.

Unlike Plumbs made-to-measure loose covers, Bemz IKEA furniture covers are sent direct to you, for you to fit yourself.

You may be on your own in the decision-making, but help is at hand in the form of inspirational tips from the Bemz website. Their online process is easy to follow and you can request free fabric samples before you commit to buy.

Should I choose Surefit Ready-Made Loose Furniture Covers?

The main difference with Surefit Ready-Made loose furniture covers is that they do not need precise measurements of your furniture.

The covers are already made and waiting to be shipped to you. All you have to do is pick the fabric and style that you want.

Again, the fitting is left down to you, as your new covers are sent direct to your home. The end result may not be as tailored as the previous two options, but ready-made covers are a hassle free and low cost way of revamping your furniture.