Cushion Covers to Transform your home

The quickest and easiest way to change the look of your bedroom is to adorn your bed with cushions. Then it is so easy to swap and change your cushion covers to give completely different looks.

For a hotel luxury feel for example, mix and match different textures such as cottons, faux fur and silks. Deep, warm colours such as rich purples and midnight blues will look great against metallic golds and silvers here.

If you prefer a more feminine chic look, plain pastels and floral patterns work perfectly together. You could even add a few fluffier cushion covers to soften the look.

Monochrome, geometric patterns can often reflect a more modern vibe. Choose blacks, whites and greys as the base of your cushion covers here. If desired, add in a few pops of accent colour to make a statement. Lime greens or striking reds work particularly well.

The ability to swap and change your cushion covers is an ideal and simple way to make a change to your room. Remember, this doesn’t have to be confined to your bedroom. Changing your cushion covers in the rest of your home will also help in altering the look and feel of your lounge, kitchen or even conservatory. Be bold, be creative and enjoy creating your new looks!