Loose Sofa Covers: number one in stain removal

With our sofas often being the hub of our home lives, it’s no wonder that from time to time they may get a little grubby. We’ve all been there at that heart stopping moment when your piece of spaghetti falls in slow motion toward your seat covers, for example. If this is an all too common occurrence in your household then loose sofa covers could be the answer you’re looking for!

The beauty of loose sofa covers is that they are so easy to remove, wash and re-fit. Those pesky dinner stains are no longer a hassle when you can simply whisk your covers off, pop them in the wash and re-fit them, as if nothing had ever happened.

The best thing for me is that if your poor sofa, like mine, has previously been victim to a permanent attack (red wine in my case) then masking this with a new set of loose sofa covers is the perfect solution!

So, to ensure your sofa can live peacefully, without the fear of stains, you could opt for loose sofa covers and nobody would be any the wiser!