Making Furniture Beautiful again – with Ceramic Knobs

How many times have you visited a landfill site and seen a small cupboard or chest of drawers discarded on the pile? In the UK alone 10 million items of furniture are thrown away every year, 3 million of which could be easily repaired and renewed.*

You may think that you need to spend lots of money repairing old furniture, but in reality, a few tweaks here and there could be all it needs! Taking a chest of drawers for example, a quick sand down and a lick of paint could make an old, tatty piece of furniture into something quite respectable again. But why stop at respectable? Give old furniture some personality with beautifully colourful ceramic knobs from Thomas Jonathan.

Reinvent old kitchen cupboards with a fun striped design or choose a crackle effect to give your bedside drawers a shabby chic effect. Below are just a snapshot of the designs that you could use to jazz up your furniture…

So, before you decide to throw away your old furniture, consider how you could ‘make do and mend’!A lick of paint and a quick visit to could be all you need to make old, dull furniture full of life once again!