Ready Made Loose Covers from Surefit

Ready-Made Loose Furniture Covers delivered direct to your door.

Surefit are a US based company who provide ready-made slipcovers for different types of furniture such as sofas, loveseats, recliners, chairs and dining chairs. Their fabric range consists of plains, florals and various patterns for a more traditional look

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Surefit Ready Made Loose furniture covers are manufactured in the US but you can buy them online through who happily ship to the UK.Union Jack and Stars and Stripes US Flags

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Relaxed vs Form Fits for Loose Covers

Surefit's loose furniture covers come in one of two fits: Relaxed Fit or Form Fit. Relaxed Fit slipcovers drape over the furniture and tie into place, securing the covers to your furniture. Form Fit slipcovers have no ties and fit around the edges, tucking into the gaps in your furniture.

Quick & Easy


Surefit are the perfect choice for those wishing to renew their furniture covers quickly and at low cost and low hassle. You can order Surefit slipcovers online from by clicking here.

Click here for Ready Made Loose Covers from Surefit
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