When making any alteration to the look of your home, considering all of the options before you make a decision is a good place to start. If your favourite furniture is looking or feeling tired, you may wish to discard it and start all over again with something new. On the other hand, your furniture may not be passed its best and it may just need an aesthetic sprucing up. Below are some reasons why you may choose to re-cover your existing furniture.

Why reinvent the wheel?

You may have already invested in good quality furniture that you know fits well in your home space. In buying new, you would have to consider the size, shape and style of the new furniture before you brought it into your home.

Cut out the hassle

Many companies allow you to simply browse and buy online, and others such as Plumbs, have a Home Consultant on hand to bring the fabric samples to you, in your own home, saving you the hassle of trawling the shops.

A different look for every occasion

If you like to change the look of a room quite often, then loose covers would be a perfect. You can swap and change your covers whenever you like.

No mess, no fuss

If you have young children (or equally clumsy adults), being able to simply remove and wash the covers is ideal.

Be Green

On a green note, in getting new loose covers or even choosing to reupholster old furniture, you would be doing the environment a favour by not sending your furniture to landfill.

Furniture beyond help?

Your furniture may have become weak and worn structurally over the years, so getting rid and buying new may seem like the logical option. But wait! This is not the only choice you have. Reupholstery offers the same benefits as buying loose covers, plus more:

  • Furniture is repaired and restored
  • Repairs to springs and webbing
  • Internal frame strengthened
  • Restore sentimental furniture
  • Unique features are maintained such as button back and wood

Where to go?

If you’re looking for loose covers for your furniture, take a look at Plumbs. They have their own unique Home Consultant service where you can see fabric samples in your own home and can discuss your needs with a helpful advisor.

Alongside loose furniture covers, Plumbs also offer their own reupholstery service, through the same Home Consultancy system. If you have IKEA furniture, try Bemz. Bemz specialise in making loose covers for nearly all IKEA models. For a quick, easy and low cost option you may want to consider Surefit’s ready-made loose furniture covers.