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Aquaclean Fabrics

If you ever see us talking about our magic fabric, we’ll mean Aquaclean. This collection of fabrics may be our premium option, but the inbuilt stain resistant technology helps to remove all the fears of family life for your sofa. Wine, food, oil, lipstick or whatever else may get onto your sofa, can all be wiped away with nothing more than good old H20. 


Clean with just water

We can hear you now, ‘Just water? Are you sure?’. Believe us, we’ve checked. After arming my 1-year-old niece with a felt tip pen and popping her next to a sofa covered in Aquaclean Textured Plain – Chalk, we know full well just how trusty this stuff is. We’ve compiled a collection with two different textures and whole host of colours for you to choose from, so no matter your colour scheme, you’ve got a worry free solution for your replacement sofa covers. Even better, this spot cleaning technology is built into the fabrics design, meaning it has no impact on the super comfy texture of the material. Our Aquaclean fabrics are the perfect solution for busy households with children or pets, and combined with our copy cover technology allow you to keep your furniture looking new for even longer. 


Anti-Viral, Eco friendly & Vegan

Easy cleaning isn’t the only benefit of our Aquaclean range though. We’ve got a whole list of reasons this fabric is extra special. Firstly, Aquaclean’s SafeFront component is inherently anti-viral fabric, meaning it can limit the activity of bacteria and viruses on your sofa and stop germs from harbouring and growing deep down in your furniture. Just like us, Aquaclean have a big focus on the eco-friendly things in life, and are committed to using recycled materials and no hazardous substances in their fabrics. And on the subject of the planet and the things on it, their fabrics are totally vegan, too! 


Pet friendly

Got furry friends in your life? Aquaclean is a great option for you. We’ve already run through the cleaning benefits of Aquaclean technology, but the weave of their fabrics also helps to prevent against accidental snagging. So, what are you waiting for? Add some Aquaclean to your free sample pack, and take the first step towards new fitted furniture covers. 

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