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Duresta Sofa & Chair Loose Covers

With a 25 year quality guarantee on their hardwood frames, Duresta is undoubtedly great furniture. If you know a way to make your upholstery last that long though… well, let us know how! Removable covers are a great way to protect and extend the life of your furniture, and that’s where Cover My Furniture comes in.

Duresta replacement sofa covers

Duresta replacement sofa covers

Established over 75 years ago, the Duresta name has a lot of good conitations here in furniture world. Their solid build and beautiful design makes it furniture worth keeping, and by opting for replacement fitted sofa covers, you are reinvesting in your furniture for the long haul. Our expert sewers and makers will use your current covers as a template to create luxury, bespoke furniture covers in one of our 126 washable designs. So if you’re looking for a new look or are in desperate need of a refresh, we can help.

Duresta sofa and chair covers

Duresta sofa and chair covers

As the old saying goes, ‘buy once, cry once’, but we don’t see why you should be crying at all! Great quality furniture really can last you a lifetime, especially when you continue to update and restyle it for the new chapters of your life. Our Duresta furniture covers will help you to update your style and tackle the everchanging landscape of family life, whether that’s grandchildren or new furry friends. Not got loose covers on your Durecta furniture? Contact us and we can help.

How it works

Here’s our four step process to copying your covers

  • select

    First up, pick your fabric

    Handpicked by us, our collection is full of stylish and practical designs in a range of colours.

  • Snap

    Now we need three pictures

    Upload them to your account so we can double check that they are copy cover appropriate

  • Send

    Pop your covers in the post

    We'll send you a free postage bag and a simple measurement form to fill in. Then you wait!

  • Solved

    Transformation time

    Fit your new covers and enjoy! Plus, with three years quality guarantee, you can be worry free.

Fabric Samples

Fabric samples

We’ve picked out a range of beautiful and practical fabrics for you to pick from, so there’s an option for every home.

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