Eco Credentials
Eco credentials

Eco credentials

We believe that all furniture deserves a second chance, and by having new covers, the sofa you fell in love with will be revived for years to come, keeping itself out of landfill. It’s not only our product that’s sustainable, but by keeping our production in the UK, we cut our carbon footprint, as well as using a shared delivery service for our (biodegradable bagged or recyclable cardboard) parcels! Plus, we have solar panels on our roof that produce enough energy to power 58 homes for a year.

We produce in Britain

We manufacture in Britain

All our products are made in the UK by our team of expert makers. Our mill is based in Lancashire and is filled with the best sewers in the business.


Relove, Revive, Recycle

This is reusing and recycling at it’s very best. You keep the furniture you love and with a little help from us, your furniture will be back to the fresh piece you fell in love with. Plus, after you have sent us your old sofa covers, we offer free environmentally friendly disposal as part of our low waste factory policy.

Proud to be green

  • Avoiding Landfill
    Avoiding landfill

    Keep your furniture looking like new for years to come with fresh covers. Plus free environmentally friendly disposal of your old covers.

  • Low waste packaging
    Low waste packaging

    We use biodegradable bags and recyclable cardboard for all our packages and try to avoid non recyclables where we can.

  • Solar powered factory
    Solar powered factory

    Our factory solar panels can power 58 homes for a year. And yes – we do have enough sun in Lancashire!

In the UK, we send 10 million household items to landfill every single year

It is estimated that for every 24 sofas re-used, we can save 1.5 tonnes of C02 emissions.

  • 340,702

    Around 340,702 tonnes of this furniture is unloved sofas. (only 50,960 tonnes of these are re-used)

  • 1.6

    This equates to around 1.6m tonnes of furniture, most of which is buried at landfill, or burnt in an incinerator.

  • 35,715

    That's how many plastic straws are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of one new sofa!

  • 83

    Of perfectly good sofas go to waste, where people don't think to revive them