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3 key reasons how a fitted sofa cover can benefit a leather sofa

19th December 2023

Everyone loves a good leather sofa. They’re comfortable, convenient, and they can often look absolutely amazing. So it makes sense that you’d want to properly look after yours! That’s exactly where a fitted sofa cover can come in handy. Durable and reliable, they’re perfect for keeping your leather sofa looking and feeling at its very best for years to come – and here are three strong reasons why!

Protects it from wear and tear

This is perhaps one of the single biggest advantages of sofa covers for leather sofas, which can be particularly vulnerable to wear and tear. This is especially true later into their lifespan, and particularly if they see regular daily use (which, let’s be honest, most sofas do). The nature of the leather means that the sofa can be difficult to repair if it becomes scratched, which is more likely if there are any pets like cats or dogs around the house. 

The leather can also eventually start flaking over time, which is not just detrimental to the sofa, but can result in the surrounding area becoming annoyingly messy too. Leather sofas can be also easily bleached by the sun, particularly if they’re positioned somewhere that will see a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day.

This is where fitted sofa covers can come in handy, extending the lifespan of your sofa by slowing down daily wear and tear, and shielding it from the UV rays in sunlight to ensure that it keeps its colour for longer. 

Shields it from stains, and allows for easy cleaning

Lots of us like to have a bite to eat on our sofas, either as part of a family meal, or as just a little treat for ourselves. For that reason alone, sofas can often end up in the firing like for all sorts of stains and blemishes, especially around certain times of year. A few crumbs here and there can be easily dealt with, but things can get a lot more difficult and stressful when it comes to foodstuffs like red wine. It doesn’t help that most types of spills and stains can be particularly difficult to remove from leather. 

A sofa cover protects your sofa from all that. Not only can it absorb the initial debris or stains, but best of all the cover itself is machine washable, so it can simply be put through the washing machine. That’s the job all done! No more kneeling, dabbing or blotting – just a quick spin, and you can enjoy clean covers and a pristine sofa.  

Change your leather sofa to suit the seasons

Besides the practical advantages that fitted sofa covers provide, they also provide an excellent opportunity to change up your interiors to match the seasons. For example, you can use cool, calm colours like blue and green in summer, and warmer and more luxurious colours like red, orange and purple in winter. 

That’s just one basis for styling your interiors, of course – you could simply change up the colour scheme on a whim at any point throughout the year. They’re your interiors, after all, so ultimately it’s all up to you!  

Whatever the reasons you’re considering loose sofa covers for your own leather sofa, you can always count on having a brilliant range to choose from here at Cover My Furniture. As a family business with more than 60 years of experience to our name here at Cover My Furniture, we provide a comprehensive range of fitted sofa covers to choose from, encompassing a huge range of shades – from cooler colours like blue and green to warmer tones like orange and yellow, and everything in between. In short, whatever your interior style, we’ll have something to suit you. Why not take a look around our site, and see what you can find?

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