Blue sofa next to Christmas Tree

4 festive touches to brighten up Christmas at home

14th December 2023

We’re well into the festive season now, so you’ve probably your outdoor lights up, and at least a bit of festive cheer in your interiors. But there’s still a few weeks of the run-up to Christmas left to go. So, if you feel there’s still something missing from your home, we’ve got good news for you – we’ve got a couple of great ideas for you here at Cover My Furniture. It’s just a bit of inspiration to get you started – and it all starts with your loose sofa covers 

A Christmassy co-ordinated colour scheme

As we often say here at Cover My Furniture, it can be surprising how much of an impact that a simple change of colour can have on your space – turning from a warm red to a cool blue, for example, can have a truly transformative effect on the atmosphere and general feel of a space. 

You can do the same with a festive colour scheme – switching out autumn or springtime colours for traditional red and green, or a winter wonderland with whites and blues, with subtle accents of silver and gold to really put those finishing touches on it. Your sofa is a really influential element in your interiors, so when you’re looking at changing the colour scheme, it’s an excellent place to start. (And that’s exactly where our loose sofa covers come in!) 

Festive throws, cushions and blankets

Want to add more festive little features to your sofa and chairs? Throws, cushions and blankets are brilliant for giving your furniture extra personality, whether through their texture, material, or design. Some options may feature illustrations of reindeer, snowflakes, or the venerable Mr Claus himself. If you’re looking for slightly more understated options on the other hand, you can simply opt for soft furnishings that match your Christmas colour scheme – whether that’s a more traditional or contemporary style, as we’ve touched on above. 

Fill the air with festive scents

You’ve probably got the visuals more or less covered by now – so why not enhance the ambience even further with pleasant festive scents? You’ve got a couple of options to choose from here – you can choose a bowl of potpourri with scents like cinnamon, pine or citrus. Or if you’d like, you can always explore the world of scented candles instead – there are plenty to choose from! You might be surprised at how much of a difference it makes when you walk back in the room. (Just don’t forget that all the usual safety rules apply – don’t leave lit candles unattended for any length of time!)

Set the mood with Christmas music

Again, you’ve got no shortage of Christmas tunes to choose from. Maybe you’re a Wham fan, with Last Christmas? Or if you’re more of a traditionalist, perhaps you prefer the soothing tones of Michael Bublé, gently reminding you to have a Holly Jolly Christmas? Or sit back and relax with Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, officially the best selling song of all time? Just like the scents, it’s all about matching your soundtrack to your chosen aesthetic – creating a tiny winter wonderland all of your own. 

Those are just a couple of our top ideas – you may well have plenty of your own! And if you’re already weighing up options to change the colour of your sofa, that’s exactly where we can help here at Cover My Furniture, with a comprehensive range of fitted sofa covers available to explore right here on our site. Whatever your interior style, you can trust that we’ll have something to suit you. Why not take a look around our site, and see what you can find?

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