Fitted sofa with valentines day decorations

4 things you can do together on a 2-seater sofa

8th February 2024

As Valentine’s Day draws near, we all look forward to spending romantic, quality time with our loved ones. However, in the midst of the average person’s busy schedule, nine-to-five, and the rest, finding the time to plan an elaborate date can be harder than it sounds! Sometimes though, it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact, like a cosy night on the sofa. A calm and relaxing few hours can be the perfect backdrop for heartfelt connections and cherished memories.

And that’s where we come in at Cover My Furniture! Today, we’re exploring four fun activities that you and your partner can enjoy together, all from the cosy comfort of a two-seater sofa. From indulging in romantic movies to sharing laughter over board games, let’s discover how this humble piece of furniture can become the epicentre of your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Before we get into our suggestions, if you’re looking to spruce up your sofa, one of our fitted sofa covers can help. Durable and reliable, they’re perfect for keeping your sofa looking and feeling its very best for years to come!

Have a romantic movie marathon

Setting the mood for a romantic evening can be a fun and enjoyable experience. To create a warm and intimate atmosphere, you can try dimming the lights and lighting some candles around the room. You can then snuggle up with your partner under a soft and cosy blanket and sink into the comfortable cushions of your sofa. You can choose to watch a romantic movie marathon, either by revisiting some of your favourite classics or by exploring new ones together. Grab some snacks or your favourite takeaway, and you’re good to go! With the right ambience, you can create a memorable and enjoyable evening.

Break out the board games

Everyone loves board games, don’t they? So why not try something different this year and transform your living room into a cosy and romantic game board, spending an unforgettable evening together from the comfort of the sofa? From classic games like Scrabble and chess to more modern games like Uno, let the playful competition bring you closer as you roll the dice, draw cards, and make your moves. Create a romantic atmosphere filled with laughter and fun to revel in the joy of being together and spending quality time!

Listen to some of your favourite music

Music is a massive part of many relationships, whether it’s a shared love for a band or artist or even a wedding song, and there’s nothing better than a bit of music to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. Snuggle up side by side on the sofa and listen to the songs most important to your relationship and memories. Take a moment to appreciate the music and your partner and simply enjoy their company. Pair with a cup of tea or even a romantic meal for the ultimate, comfy, and romantic night in!

Bring out a bottle

Nothing says romance like sharing a bottle of wine with your partner, especially if it’s a shared interest. A great date night idea is to pick out a new wine together, even if it costs a little more than your usual bottle. Don’t be afraid to push the boat out a little bit! You can take it one step further by getting a section of cheese or a charcuterie board to complement your wine. Then, sit back, relax, and chat the night away! With each clink of glasses and shared toast, you’ll be reminded that Valentine’s Day is truly about spending time with the people you love.

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