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6 gorgeous eco velvet hues for spring and summer sofa covers

3rd February 2023

Crisp, fresh mornings and long sunny days are just round the corner. We bring you six stunning shades from our new eco velvet collection of sofa cover fabrics.

The 6 sofa cover hues for spring and summer

1. Petal

Aptly named Petal, this pale pink is reminiscent of the vibrant blooms that roses display in the early summer. Choosing this shade for a sofa cover is sure to connect the colours of your garden with the palette of your living room.

2. Optic

Is there anything more evocative of the British summer than strawberries and cream? This cream-coloured sofa cover fabric is a new take on an old favourite. The best thing about it is that, being a polyester blend, it’s resistant to stains and is washable in your own machine.

3. Coral

Sticking with the summer fruits theme, a Coral eco velvet sofa cover is symbolic of the pink going-on-red hues of a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade. Bright and warm, this shade of sofa cover brings a ray of sunshine to your living room, accompanied with a cosy feel for the evenings.

4. Bone

Ever walked through a woodland of white-bark birch on a fresh spring morning? The sunrays mottling through the leaves and marking blurred-edged shadow patterns on the ground you’re walking on. A Bone eco velvet sofa cover is the colour of the beige bark of these woodland trees that line our popular spring walks.

5. Teal

We’re sure everyone has a memory of lying in long summer grass that’s being saved for hay making, and staring up at the late evening sky. Our teal eco velvet sofa covers are the shade of a late evening summer sky. Enjoy.

6. Vine

Appropriately named vine, this eco velvet sofa cover lends its name to the deep green leaves of a pinot grigio grape vine. Vividly green, this shade of sofa cover brings the essence of an outdoor shaded space inside.

Sofa covers for every season?

Of course, these hues last longer than a season. However, if you fancy swapping and changing the colours as each season passes, this can be done with little fuss as all our velvet sofa covers are removable.

A fully eco-friendly and luxurious fabric

In days gone past, velvet was readily made from silk. Today however, it is often made from synthetic materials such as polyester. Other materials like cotton and linen can also be used to velvet.

Our eco velvet sofa covers on the other hand, are made almost entirely from recycled fabrics, 98% in fact, and are given a velvet finish. Its recycled composition is of course what gives the fabric its ‘eco’ status.

Light, vibrant and adding a sense of class, our eco velvet sofa covers are machine washable, eco friendly and all without compromising the luxury velvet feel. Handcrafted in the UK, available in 22 colours and with a 3 year guarantee our eco velvet sofa covers are family friendly too.

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