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A few useful tips for choosing wall art for your interiors

27th May 2021

When it comes to decisions about your interiors, settling on artwork for your space may well end up being amongst the most expensive – so it’s natural to want to take your time. They’re well worth the time, effort and expense, as a well-chosen piece of artwork can really pull a space together (especially if it’s complementing the shade of your fitted sofa covers). Now, you’ve probably got your own way of whittling down your choice of artwork for your interiors – but if you’re having trouble, or you’re stuck on a decision, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you that may help.

Choose your artwork to cultivate at atmosphere for your space

If you’re ever stuck trying to choose artwork for your home, it helps to bring it back to basics, and think about what kind of ambience you’re trying to create for your space. Do you want to make it light and airy, or warm and cosy? Calm and understated, or bursting with life and colour? Great art is brilliant at evoking (or directing) certain emotions from the viewer, which makes it a fantastic way to enhance a certain kind of mood for your space – or even alter it entirely.

For example, a piece of art with light, whitewashed or neutral colours can be a perfect fit for a room which looks out onto a beach or coastal area, while a monochrome painting might be just what you need for an understated, contemporary space – ideal for a home office or study. If you’re looking for art for a busy, vibrant family room on the other hand, you might want something bolder and brighter, which projects a lot more energy into the space.

Colour match your artwork to your space

Colour matching your artwork can be another exceptionally useful way of narrowing down your options for your space, either in combination with (or instead of) choosing your artwork by theme, as I’ve outlined above.

Now, there are two different ways of colour matching your artwork. The first is a little more logical, which can be helpful if you’re trying to find a foothold to work from; you can narrow down your choices according to the shades that best complement the existing colour scheme of your space. Rather than doing it by sight alone, you can use the colour wheel to work out which colours best complement each other.

If you’re doing it this way, one of the most important things you’ll need to remember is to keep all the colours proportional (which you may find particularly easy if you’re following the 60-30-10 rule).

Alternatively, you can choose to trust your gut a little bit more and go a little bit more experimental. Though wall art may require greater investment than your average finishing touches for a room, it can still be removed (and added back in again) any time you like, which makes it a far easier and more efficient way of fine-tuning the style of a room than, say, fully repainting the walls. That means you can afford to be a little bolder and more experimental with your artwork than you can be with other elements of your room; if you’d like, you can even switch out your artwork and loose sofa covers every few months, transforming the look of your space entirely to match the changing seasons!

Speaking of the changing seasons though, here’s a quick tip for the upcoming bright and warm weather – it’s generally a good idea to try and keep your artwork out of direct sunlight as much as you can, as it can eventually cause the colours to fade over time.

Make it personal

Ask anyone about what kind of artwork you should choose for your home, and you’ll probably find that multiple people will give you the same answer, over and over again – find something you love. Now I know that may sound pretty obvious, but it’s really important! You might be surprised at the number of different ways you can end up sidelined into getting artwork you only sort-of like. If you can, try and avoid being swayed by trends, or what visitors might think. Your home is your own – you deserve something that you enjoy for your own sake.

All the traditional wisdom also says try and avoid compromising with members of your family, too. If you’re haggling over a particular piece with your significant other, try and come to an arrangement whereby you get to buy something else you really like, and they get to do the same. Ideally, you want to avoid ending up buying something you both only kind-of like, because in that case there’s almost no point in having it.

Speaking of spending time with family, one timeless way to choose artwork for your interiors is to make sure that you’re buying it for an occasion. It can give it a sense of emotional significance and importance that will ensure it stands the test of time – whether you’re buying it for a wedding, a birthday, or to celebrate an accomplishment.

Don’t forget, these are all just ideas to help get you started – very few of them are hard and fast rules. If you find something that flies in the face of all my advice above, but you love it for what it is – then go for it!

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