A rainbow of velvet

10th August 2023

Originally reserved for royalty, velvet used to be the epitome of luxury. Today it’s accessible to everyone and appealing too, particularly as it comes in a vast array of colours. In fact, our range of Everyday Velvet sofa covers come in 33 different colours, and our range of Eco Velvet washable sofa covers come in 22 shades.

With plenty of choice, how do you choose? We’ve narrowed it down to a handful of velvet sofa cover shades that reflect the rainbow and bring dazzling rays of colour into your living room.

1. Everyday Velvet – Ruby

Everyday Velvet Ruby

You can add some summer vibrancy to your living room with Everyday Velvet – Ruby. Vivid and reminiscent of Strawberries, it’s no surprise that this sofa cover goes well with cream coloured accessories. A cushion or two in Luxury Cotton Weave ‘Snow or chair covers in the same fabric would accent the visual appeal of this sofa cover nicely.

Striking, bold and rich with a statement finish, this red hue won’t be too much for large sofa covers either. And when it’s time for a refresh, it’s easily removable and washable too. Or you can swap this sofa cover out for one that’s more to your taste. Our range of washable sofa and chair covers are easily removable and fitted to your sofa, meaning should you fancy a change of tone, it’s no problem.

2. Everyday Velvet – Lemon

Everyday Velvet Lemon

Welcome a ray of Mediterranean sunshine with Everyday Velvet ‘Lemon’, a refreshing and bold yellow shade. Reminiscent of lemons, this sofa cover adds a squeeze of bright summer sunshine to your living room. Couch covers in this shade can be used as a contrast against darker tones already present, or used to complement already light tones like corner covers in Eco Velvet Optic.

As a removable sofa cover, you can simply put it in the washing machine and choose a 30°C cycle to refresh it.

3. Eco Velvet – Burnt

A deep, vibrant orange, this loose sofa cover resembles the amber-brown hues of burnt caramel and the bronzed autumnal maple leaves. Eco Velvet ‘Burnt works well to add some depth to contrast against natural hues. Looking to make a statement? Mix it with occasional contrasting spots of green like Eco Velvet ‘Mallard’ chair covers. It’s a stylish velvet made completely from recycled polyester, which means it’ll retain that eye-catching orange tone wash after wash.

4. Everyday Velvet – Emerald

Everyday Velvet Emerald

Like the highly prized gemstone this velvet sofa cover is named after, Everyday Velvet ‘Emerald stands out like no other. A timeless classic shade too, this sofa cover is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes. Forever retaining its precious colour and feel, thanks to its polyester composition, you won’t have to worry about it losing its appeal over the years.

5. Everyday Velvet ‘Sapphire’

Everyday Velvet Sapphire

Ideal for those of you who are searching for something a little more mysterious, Everyday Velvet ‘Sapphire’ will peak your intrigue. A deep, classy blue, this sofa cover works well with bronze ornaments and contrasts of yellow like an adjacent large sofa cover in Luxury Cotton Weave ‘Ochre.

6. Everyday Velvet ‘Burgundy’

Everyday Velvet Burgundy

Everyday Velvet ‘Burgundy’ is a rich purple that is an excellent choice for adding something a little different to your home. Perfect for a luxurious touch, this velvet sofa cover works well as dining chair covers too. Match couch covers in this shade with darker tones like settee covers in Eco Velvet ‘Shadow’ to create a moody atmosphere, or pair it with a brighter colour palette for a floral feel.

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We have a variety of other nature inspired shades of velvet settee covers, from a grounded grey tone ‘Slate to a bright and breezy ‘Aqua. And if you’re looking for any in-depth advice or extra information, our in-house furniture specialists are here to help.

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