Aquaclean replacement sofa covers

Aquaclean: magic in a fabric

19th November 2020

Sofa in fear of family life? We have the stain resistant fabric to wipe your worries away.

Coffee stain on sofa

As much as we might not believe it, Christmas really is just around the corner – and we allllllll know that Christmas usually can’t go by without one household disaster. With all that incredible food, wine and chocolate being handed about, there often comes spills and stains too. Sometimes even writing your Christmas cards on the sofa can turn into a disaster when you forget to properly clip that pen lid back on. Well, what if we told you, that one of our fabrics could prevent your furniture from all types of stains? Let us introduce you to Aquaclean.

Now, if you haven’t heard of it before, Aquaclean is basically the answer to family home furniture faux pas. This incredible fabric has interwoven technology that means all sorts of spills can be wiped away with nothing more than water. Even better? This clever tech doesn’t impact the feel of the fabric at all!

Available in two different textures and a variety of tones, it’s our first pick when it comes to kitting out the replacement sofa covers for family homes. The built in layer also protects against accidental fabric snagging, so you no longer any need to be worried about sticky fingered toddlers or mucky pawed pups near the sofa – simply relax and enjoy family life.

  • Aquaclean Textured Plain - Chalk box cushion covers
    Aquaclean Textured Plain - Chalk box cushion covers

That’s not it’s only great feature though! We’ve listed a few other benefits of this super beautiful and reliable design below…

Antiviral: Aquaclean fabrics are designed with Safe Front technology that helps to prevent the penetration and activity of viruses and bacteria on your furniture, meaning it’s clean both inside and outside.

Machine washable: For the larger spills, or just for the purpose of freshening things up, all our Aquaclean covers can also be popped in the washing machine. Remember to always check the label for specific washing instructions, and if you have any doubts, drop us a line to ask.

Eco friendly: Just like us at CMF, the Aquaclean team are really keen on making the planet a little greener. Not only are their fabrics vegan and designed to last longer, but they also use recycled and renewable elements in the production of their fabrics – they even have a bunch of certificates to prove it.

So there you have it! Our number one pick for best family home furniture fabric. Here to save you from the spills and stains of sofa life all year round. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can always order a free swatch pack today. Why not try out the tech with a marker pen when your samples arrive? Simply dab the stain with a damp cloth and see the magic for yourself.

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