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Blue Velvet – 4 shades to revel in

25th April 2023

Machine washable, durable and available in a wide range of colours – Everyday Velvets are a very attractive option for a sofa cover. The only problem is, how do you choose a suitable colour? We guide you through a handful of our blue Everyday Velvets, what makes them unique and how to make them work for you.

4 Everyday velvet blues

1. Everyday velvet – Sapphire

Our medium-dark blue velvet tone Sapphire is perfect for any room with blueberry white colour walls. The dark blue tones of our Sapphire blue velvet contrast beautifully with pale shades of sofa covers. Even just a touch of this shade in the form of a blue velvet armchair chair cover will stand out and proud, whilst also fitting right in with the decor of your living room.

Everyday Velvet Sapphire

2. Everyday velvet – Royal

This deep, vivid blue is authoritative and bold, going well with brighter colours such as pink or yellow. Perhaps you have a not-so-blue velvet chair that’s Ochre, or maybe even an off-white or ivory coloured feature wall. Placing a Royal blue velvet sofa centre stage in your living room will boldly stand out without clashing with its surroundings.

Everyday Velvet Royal

3. Everyday velvet – Marine

This navy blue velvet is dark and mysterious, much like the deep blue seas it’s named after. A blue velvet sofa in a blue-going-on-grey tone is best matched with lighter, vibrant tones. The odd sofa cover in a Coral fabric will sit side-by-side in exquisite harmony with this blue velvet.

4. Everyday velvet – Denim

Taking its name from a popular workwear material, our Denim everyday velvet is a dark but subtle blue. Natural wood tones are a match made in heaven with this everyday velvet. What’s more, bronze and gold tones pair up nicely with this blue shade. Throwing a Lemon shade of cushion on your blue velvet sofa completes the look beautifully and also allows you to relax in a little more comfort too.

Everyday Velvet Denim

Alternative eco-friendly velvet sofa cover options

We have dozens of fabric shades suitable for large sofa and chair covers, which are durable, washable and stylish. Better yet they’re eco-friendly too like this Eco Velvet in Bone. We even make Eco Velvet dining chair covers, as well as Eco Velvet large sofa covers for a 3 or 4 seater family sofa that gets a lot of use – like this gorgeous Eco Velvet Coral.

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We’re a family business with more than 60 years of experience, so we’re always happy to use our decades of expertise to help you select the perfect fitted sofa cover for your interiors.

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