Aquaclean Textured Plain - Chalk box cushion covers

Cool linen-look sofa cover fabrics for summer 2023

25th April 2023

When the hot days hit this summer, you may find your gaze averting towards the shade and sanctuary of your large sofa. Get ready to unwind with our linen look sofa covers in a selection of cooling colours.

The 4 cool linen-look sofa cover fabrics

1. Luxury Cotton Weave – Sky


Aptly named ‘Sky’, this pale blue fabric makes for an aesthetically pleasing sofa cover fabric that will bring the outside in. This shade is ideal for covering a large sofa in summer conservatory or orangery. Reminiscent of the brightest blue skies, this sofa cover shade brings a splash of brightness to any room even on the dullest of days.

Luxury Cotton Weave ‘Sky’ is machine washable and made from nearly equal parts polyester and cotton. This fabric combination gives it a luxury feel as well as a linen-look. The fabric is made to measure and available as large sofa covers, as well as dining chair covers too.

Luxury Cotton Weave - Sky - Sofa Cover

2. Aquaclean Textured Plain – Chalk


With its off-white colour tone, our Aquaclean Textured Plain sofa cover fabric in ‘Chalk’ casts a ray of light into any space. The Aquaclean fabric means its both machine washable, as well as wipeable with plain water to get rid of any dirty marks. It’s scratch resistant too so you don’t have to worry about your family pet ruining the fabric and having to order more sofa covers.

This Aquaclean fabric is made from a combination of polyester, modacrylic and cotton, all weaved together to give it a look that could be mistaken for linen.

Aquaclean Textured Plain - Chalk - Sofa Cover

3. Luxury Cotton Weave – Mineral


This grey-blue tone sofa cover fabric is perfect for those looking for a neutral colour that adds a bit more colour than a simple grey. Soft enough as a colour to not stand out too much, this fabric is great for those who are looking to revamp their sofa or armchair with a subtle but bright fabric. What’s more, it has a luxury linen aesthetic to it thanks to the fabric’s weave. Made from polyester and cotton, Luxury Cotton Weave ‘Mineral is machine washable and durable too.

Luxury Cotton Weave - Mineral - Sofa Cover

4. Signature Weave – Blush


Appropriately named ‘Blush’, this pale pink coloured signature weave fabric has a tightknit texture, giving it a unique look that’s also similar to linen. A bright and beautiful fabric option too, it will rejuvenate any sofa and make it a beacon of brightness in any living room. Signature Weave ‘Blush’ sofa covers are made entirely from polyester, meaning they are machine washable and incredibly durable too, lasting for many more summers to come.

Signature Weave Blush

Alternative loose sofa covers

We have hundreds of fabrics suitable for loose sofa covers, which are durable, washable and stylish. They range from 100% cotton to cotton rich blends and come in a variety of shades and patterns too. A Cotton Diamond ‘Dove Grey’ loose sofa cover for example adds a touch of elegance that isn’t too bold. Whereas Luxury Cotton Weave ‘Strawberry’ adds some colourful vibrance to a neutral living room. All our loose sofa covers are made to measure, so no matter what fabric you choose, it will fulfil its purpose as well as being the perfect fit.

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We’re a family business with more than 60 years of experience, so we’re always happy to use our decades of expertise to help you select the perfect fitted sofa cover for your interiors.

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