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Decadent Eco Velvets to set your heart on

6th June 2023

Velvet has traditionally been an elegant and stylish choice from the sofa cover catalogue – a bit of a heart throb, you might say..

Our range of new environmentally-friendly alternatives, Eco Velvets, places this old favourite back in the spotlight. Let’s look at some of the sumptuous shades that you might just lose your heart to.



The popularity of green shades that started to gain popularity back in 2021 is still with us in 2023. This eco friendly velvet shade brings a rich, indulgent moss-like shade inside your home. A sumptuous colour too, Kingfisher (above) brings a warm, natural feel to your home that’s a bold tone and still somehow manages to lend itself to a more reserved, elegant atmosphere. Striking but tasteful- a combination that shouldn’t quite work, but it does. It’s this nonconformist nature that makes Kingfisher so irresistibly endearing.



Not far off a mustard tone, this eco friendly velvet shade of sofa cover would lend itself to a vivid but calming atmosphere. Intense and bright, Turmeric (above) ushers in summer vibrancy into your living room and lightens the place up. Try pairing this shade of large sofa cover with a pop of green, such as a Kingfisher eco velvet green cushion, or maybe even the odd house plant here and there. Turmeric will not only look great, but bring a sense of sunshine to brighten up your space too.



This inky-blue is bold and intense. Profound but not overwhelming, a sofa cover in this shade won’t take the spotlight off your other pieces of furniture dotted around your living room. It would, however, garner a fair share of it. The beauty of Eco Velvet Indigo is that it can be matched with both lighter or darker tones, like a Loaf Reader Armchair in Turmeric or an off-white coloured wall. The sheer versatility of this tone makes it unusual for a deep shade, and that’s exactly why it should earn a special place in your heart.



Synonymous with luxury and indulgence, this vivid red offers up a cosy fire-side appeal. Adding a touch of heat to your living room might be what’s needed in our maritime climate. Try spicing your couch up with this Eco Velvet fabric sofa cover shade and add some excitement as well as class to your décor. Unapologetically vivid and conspicuous, we like to think all the other Eco Velvet shades wish they could be this one.

Eco friendly velvet Paprika (above) goes brilliantly with deep, bold greens such as Kingfisher or Mallard.

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