Happy colours: 3 interior colour schemes for mental wellness

8th August 2022

It’s no secret that colour is a powerful communicator for individuality, feelings, and personal experiences.

Your choice of colour is a reflection of you and your personality, so where better to utilise the connection between colour and mental wellbeing than the heart of your home, than through the introduction of some beautiful sofa covers?

Colour psychologists and interior design specialists both agree that there’s a strong connection between colour and wellness, so we’ve collected a selection of the best colours for boosting mental health – many of which we supply here at Cover My Furniture.

Purple – the colour of imagination

Purple shades offer a novel perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue. The added red undertones in purple add a more joyous attitude and dynamic presence that’s said to encourage courage, creativity and imagination. As an added bonus, purple is also known for evoking feelings of balance and harmony, which makes it the ideal choice for designing a space for mental stability. It’s the perfect choice if you’re fond of letting your creative side out in your living room, and our Luxury Velvet – Amethyst will help you do just that.

Green – the colour of hope and optimism

Green is a popular choice for a lot of people due to its tendency to evoke the calming, tranquil presence of the natural world. It’s hardly a surprise that it’s become common for people to want to bring a sense of the outdoors to their indoors, given that many of us were forced to spend more time indoors than we maybe liked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Green is known for invoking a sense of harmony, serenity, and peace within your mind, making it the ultimate choice if you’re looking to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere within your home. It’s by far the most laid back shade on the colour wheel, and our Everyday Velvet – Emerald sofa covers are the perfect choice if you’re trying to create a chilled out space.

Blue – the colour of peace and productivity

Blue is the absolute epitome of calm and content colours. Research conducted by architectural scholars Kurt and Osueke found that blue was shown to encourage intellectual activity, logical thought, and concentration. So, with working from home becoming an ever more prominent feature of modern society, it’s no surprise that people are choosing to incorporate a blue colour scheme within their makeshift home offices.

What’s more, blue has also been shown to exact physical effects on people, such as lowering blood pressure. For the ultimate blue experience, we’d recommend our exceptionally regal Everyday Velvet – Royal.

Even though these three schemes do have notable benefits to our mental wellbeing, colour still remains a unique and personal experience, and here at Cover My Furniture, we supply our sofa and chair covers in a range of different colours and styles to suit any taste. If you’re trying to create a particular atmosphere in your living room, but you’re not sure where to start, you can get in touch with us using the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook or Instagram. We’re always happy to help!

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