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How much should you spend on a new sofa cover?

20th December 2021

A new sofa cover has one of those rare qualities in a new purchase, in that it’s never a bad investment. If your sofa is looking a little tired and unloved, then a sofa cover can bring it back to life. What’s more, it can go some way towards helping you keep it clean too. With this in mind, let’s take a more detailed look at how much sofa covers really cost, as well as the many benefits they provide.

How much will a sofa cover cost me?

OK, let’s start with the obvious. The amount your sofa cover will cost will largely depend on two factors. The first of these is the size of your sofa. For example, while a Signature Herringbone – Caramel sofa cover will cost you £800 for a small sofa, an extra-large cover in the same material will cost you £950.

Similarly, the material you choose will also have a large impact on the price. If you opt for a velvet fabric like our Luxury Velvet – Blossom option, then a small sofa cover will cost £885, while an extra-large sofa cover will cost £1,035.

You’ll also need to factor a bit more into your budget if you plan to add seat cushion infills, back cushion infills or arm caps.

Are they worth the expense?

In short, yes. And sure, we may be a little biased, but consider this: your sofa may be a beloved part of your home, but over time it’s sure to show signs of wear and tear. At this point, many people simply decide to throw away or recycle their sofa, swapping it for a new one. However, purchasing a new cover is far cheaper than this and it will also help you to get rid of all those unsightly stains and marks.

In addition to this, if you love your sofa but you just want to update your style a little, then a loose sofa cover can help you complete the job on a budget. With hundreds of colours, textures and fabric choices available, you can bring your current sofa up-to-date with your new design choices and save a perfectly good sofa from landfill.

On top of this, removable sofa covers are easy to care for. If your sofa is well loved then it will soon start to look grubby. But, with our sofa covers, you can simply remove and wash them if they ever get stained – helping you to keep it looking pristine.

If you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new sofa cover (we think it’s a great idea), then take a look at our full range of sofa and chair covers online today. If you need help making a decision or you’re looking for something in particular, then get in touch with us via our contact form, our Facebook page or our Instagram profile. We’d love to help!

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