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How to choose the perfect sofa size for your living room

27th September 2022

Your sofa is the focal point of your living space. It’s where you unwind or chat with your partner about your day, and the right sofa and sofa covers can bring your entire room together. But, just as easily, the wrong sofa can make everything fall apart! Too small and it’s not roomy enough to relax on, but too big and it dwarfs the rest of your decor. Get yours just right with our top tips on choosing the perfect sofa size for your space.

Measure your room before buying

Even if you’ve found your dream sofa, take a few minutes and measure your living room before you buy it. By measuring your space, you can work out whether your sofa blends in seamlessly or stands out in all the wrong ways.
Measure both the length and width of your room, ensuring that your sofa will actually fit in the space. Ideally, it shouldn’t take up more than a third of the length and around a fifth of the width. It also shouldn’t get in the way of any doors or sit against radiators if you can help it.

What about a coffee table?

Everyone enjoys a cuppa or glass of red wine whilst sitting on their sofa. To avoid having to place your empty glass on the floor when you’re finished, it’s vital you leave room for a coffee table if you can. This can be placed either to the side of or in front of your sofa, depending on where you have the most space.

Measure your room for corner sofas

Corner sofas are super comfy and very trendy, making them a popular choice for the living room. However, they are a bit trickier to measure for. You
need to consider:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth of the corner seat


Make sure you know whether you want a left or right-handed corner sofa and measure the wall you want the additional seating to sit against. The additional seating can take up more than a third of the wall if needs be, but make sure that the main section follows the rules of a normal sofa for the perfect fit.

Don’t forget to measure your door

So you’ve got everything sorted, and your sofa fits in your room – that’s great! Just before you order, though, be sure to measure your door. The height of your sofa should be no more than the narrowest area it’ll fit through. If you think it’ll be a squeeze, it’s best to move on to a slightly smaller model.

Measuring your sofa before you buy it is essential to avoid regret. If you already have a sofa that’s the perfect size but a little shabby, why not consider sofa covers instead? You save yourself the hassle of finding new seating for your room, and your bank balance will thank you for it!

If you’d like to learn more about our sofa covers at Cover My Furniture, feel free to get in touch with our team or request a free home visit to survey your sofas on 0800 019 0505.

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