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How to create a cosy reading nook at home

11th May 2022

We love a good book here at Cover My Furniture, and we can’t think of anything more relaxing than settling into a cozy reading spot where you can get lost in the words of your favourite author.

So, how do you create the perfect reading nook? Well the trick is to create an inviting, comfortable environment that speaks to you and your character.

You can do this in various ways, such as by making additions to a space to make it more comfortable, utilising the architecture of your home to create the ideal spot, or by picking out some great sofa and chair covers from our vast selection to create an inviting sitting area.

With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can create a cosy reading nook at home.

Build into your book shelf

This is a great idea if you’ve got a large space to work with. If you’ve got quite a large collection of books, the chances are you’re probably going to need somewhere to store them all. So instead of hiding them away under your bed, why not consider implementing a clever home library where you can combine both a stylish sitting area, with a practical storage area to create a reading nest.

To achieve this, start by combining a bank of book cases in a row along a single wall. (For a tidier, uniformed look, use ones that are of the same design and colour.) From here, work your seating area into any space between your shelving units to create a flush design. It’s both a practical and aesthetically pleasing set up which we’d highly recommend if you’ve got the space!

Comfort is king

Wherever you prefer to build your reading nook – whether that’s in your living room, study, bedroom, or even a well thought-out space under the stairs, you can always get creative with your furnishings and introduce more comfortable accessories like luxurious pillows and throw blankets.

Try layering up a baron chair with a cushion or two to add an extra element of texture, and consider adding in some soft materials like fleece and faux fur. Basically, anything you’d be happy to snuggle up in and settle down to a book.

Use attractive colours

Your reading nook needs to be attractive to you. If it’s not drawing your eye and tempting you in with its beautiful colour scheme, it’s not doing its job.

A pop of colour, or an attention-grabbing pattern can really draw you into your reading nook. If that’s too bold for your taste though, that’s fine! You can always opt for something a bit more understated that creates a calming, relaxed atmosphere. Another thing to keep in mind – we’d generally recommend that you use the same colour for your storage, as well as the backdrop to your nook, as it’s a good tactic for making it appear more enclosed.

Add a reading chair

When it comes to creating the perfect reading nook, a comfy chair to sink into needs to be right at the top of your priority list. Consider a large armchair with an extra-wide seat to give you plenty of room to manoeuvre, or curl up if you so choose. Or, if you’re looking for a more laidback feel, why not try out a recliner for the ultimate experience in relaxation.

Comfortable furniture is one thing, but you’ll want to create a stylish environment that you’re happy to call your own, and you can do this by implementing some beautiful sofa and chair covers, which we supply right here at Cover My Furniture. With 60 years of experience behind us, our hand crafted armchair covers will help you to create a vibrant centrepiece for your reading nook.

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