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1st July 2020

Ready to say hello to the next generation of furniture covers? Welcome to the wonderful world of Cover My Furniture.

Cover My Furniture replacement furniture covers
Cover My Furniture replacement furniture covers

Ah, how well we know the scene. A much loved sofa; study in its frame and it fits just right in your living room. Unfortunately that sofa is a little sad to look at with removable covers that have lost their shine, no matter how many times they’re vacuumed or washed. From that point on things can unfold pretty tragically, and it usually ends up with another perfectly good sofa heading to landfill, whilst you having to traipse your way around the shops looking for furniture that doesn’t spark that same joy. Well, we have good news! With the Cover My Furniture 4 step system, you can now revive your furniture without even leaving it.

  • Everyday Velvet - Denim replacement furniture cover
    Everyday Velvet - Denim replacement furniture cover

Our family have a experience in the ‘home visit’ sector of the sofa covers industry, but this team of 3 sisters have decided it’s time that sofa covers came out of the old and onto the web. The Cover My Furniture system couldn’t be easier. Based entirely online, we offer a free sample service, decision making in your own time, inspirational imagery and beautiful bespoke furniture covers designed to fit your suite.

‘But how?’ we hear you cry, and it’s a good question. How can we possibly create bespoke furniture covers for a sofa we’ve never seen? Well, when you’ve got the know how, it’s pretty easy really! By using your current covers as a template, along with a few key measures you’ll send over, we can make sure your covers match the fit of your current covers. We want using our service to be as simple as can be, so we’ve developed a 4 step system to fitted cover bliss:

Select – take a browse of our range of 125+ fabrics. We’ve handpicked it all to include a whole load of different styles and textures, including everything from velvet to cotton weaves. Plus, we’re constantly on the lookout for incredible new designs so watch this space!

Snap – once you’ve chosen a fabric and placed your order, we need you to upload 3 easy photos to your account. This lets us double check your current covers fit and that we can complete the order to our promised standards.

Send – order accepted and ready to go, we’ll send you a pre-paid postage bag to pop your current covers in. This is also where we get those key measures from you to ensure that fabulous fit. Then its up to our sewers and makers to work their magic.

Solved – tadaaaaa! Your new covers are delivered within 28 days, ready to reinvigorate that sad sofa. All our orders come with a guide to fitting & caring for your covers, plus everything is covered by a 3 year quality guarantee for peace of mind.

See! It’s just so easy peasy to restyle your sofa and be eco-friendly all at once.

As you can tell, your current covers are a key ingredient in making this work, so this does mean that if you don’t have covers on your furniture or your current sofa or chair covers have any major shrinkage or you’re unhappy with the fit, we can’t quite help in our usual way, but just drop us a line and we can get you in touch with the right people.

Sound like the solution for you? We’re always here to help via email, Instagram or Facebook, so any q’s just drop us a line. Alternatively, if you’re ready to dive straight in, why not start building your free fabric sample pack? We can’t wait to help you #reloveyourfurniture.

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