Is it OK to put large sofa covers in my washing machine?

7th February 2023

There are a few steps you must take before putting your large sofa covers straight in the washing machine to clean them. We guide you through these steps so your large sofa covers come out refreshed and still the perfect fit.

Before you start

Before you throw your large sofa covers through the washing machine, take them to the dry cleaners or even check the label, there are a handful of things you can do to get the best results:

Hoover your sofa covers to remove any excess debris from the surface and between the seams of the sofa cushions

With a damp, clean cloth, wipe away any marks or scuffs that are present on the sofa covers

Carefully clean and remove any stains, such as red wine, from your large sofa covers

Which fabrics are machine washable (and which are not)?

The best way to check if you can put your large sofa covers through the washing machine is to check the label first. Having said that, there are some fabrics which are more suited to machine washing than others.

1. Cotton

Unless the label on your sofa cover says otherwise, cotton sofa covers are okay to put through the washing machine. Just be aware that washing cotton at a hot temperature will cause your sofa covers to shrink. We recommend washing your cotton sofa covers at the lowest possible temperature. Some washing machines have a pre-set specifically for cotton, but if not then a washing temperature of 30°C will do just fine.

2. Polyester

When it comes to polyester sofa covers, there should be instructions on the label of your sofa covers on how to wash them. As a general rule though, polyester can be washed in the washing machine, so long as it is on a cold setting. Hot water can damage your polyester sofa covers by breaking down its fibres.

3. Wool

Modern washing machines usually have a wool setting so you can wash your wool sofa covers by simply selecting it and taking them out when the cycle has finished. As an alternative, select a wash cycle for delicates and change the temperature to a cool 40°C.

4. Velvet

Pure velvet sofa covers should always be sent to the dry cleaners for washing. However, if you happen to have eco velvet (or crushed velvet) sofa covers, then these can actually be washed in the home washing machine.

Although it depends on the individual fabric, we advise to wash our eco velvet covers on a cold wash. Simply select a cold 30°C wash setting on your washing machine and place your eco velvet sofa covers in a mesh bag to protect them. Also wash them alongside other delicates or entirely on their own.

5. Aquaclean

Aquaclean is a synthetic fabric that is stain resistant, but unlike other materials, the stain resistant technology is woven into the fabric fibres, meaning there’s no impact on the soft texture of the design.

What’s more, due to the nature of the fabric, you can save on laundry detergent and avoid using it altogether. To wash your aquaclean sofa covers, remove them from the cushion and select a 30°C wash with just water and a short spin cycle. Do not add bleach or detergent, and there is no need to cool iron, tumble dry or dry clean.

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