When should I recover my furniture?

Is my sofa ready to be recovered?

21st October 2020

From wear and tear to the latest trends, here’s our top tips on when it’s time to revamp your furniture.

Signature Herringbone - Granite fitted furniture covers
Signature Herringbone - Granite fitted furniture covers

When cared for properly, well-made furniture covers can last you a long time. But just like anything, one day that showroom shine will have retreated to make way for a slightly saggier, lifeless version that just doesn’t inspire the love you once felt. More often than not, you still love the furniture itself, and the comfort may not have gone anywhere at all, it’s simply time for a makeover.

We all want our homes to look their best and prompt ooh’s and ahh’s from our guests, but neatly placed throws and a mountain of scatter cushions can only hide waning furniture covers for so long. Aside from the obvious (and we’ll cover those too), there’s a few tell-tale signs that your sofa is ready for something new. Unsure when to replace your sofa covers? Read on.

Wear, tear and it’s not fair

From claw happy cats to toddlers on the loose with a marker pen, the most obvious motivator for replacing your furniture covers are spills, stains and tears. You can have the best quality covers out there, but eventually family life does tend to get on top of them. Sure, you can prolong their stay on your sofa with a well-positioned blanket or some Google cleaning hacks, but eventually it’s simply time to give in and try something new.

When that time does come, take a really good look at your furniture. Is it still structurally sound? Are the cushions plump or are they looking a little lacklustre? Most furniture is built to last far longer than its covers are, meaning a bleak outside doesn’t always mean your furniture is skip ready. By replacing those furniture covers you make a smart choice that’s both eco and budget friendly. Plus, there’s no trawling around furniture shops looking for something you just don’t love the same.

(p.s. If the cushions are looking any less than utterly cloud-like, our cushion infills can help you out)

Time for a change

Not everything comes down to wear and tear. Sometimes you’re just ready for something new. You spend a whole lot of time in your home (especially in 2020), so having a space that feels right is important. Perhaps when you bought our sofa, you longed for the scandi style simplicity of clean white cotton covers – but your just-learned-to-walk little one made that seem a little bit too scary, or maybe you inherited furniture from a relative or friend and want to make that seat your own.

Replacing the covers on your furniture is a great way of fitting in with your updated taste in interior or latest home reno project. We know that changing the colour of your furniture can sometimes seem a little unimaginable, but our team are here to help with any questions. Plus, free swatch packs don’t hurt either!

‘Tis the season (or any season really)

If you’re anything like me, too much time on Instagram can leave you lusting after a new look for every season. Yes, your current linen look sofa might be ideal for summer, but when those dark winter nights come through, how does a super soft velvet sound for curling up on? Fortunately, we’ve got the solution for that too. Replacement furniture covers mean you can increase the flexibility of your home to keep it feeling fresh and new, whenever you see fit.

It’s easy to be green

In recent years, the drive to make eco-friendly choices has been on everyone’s mind. People might not know it, but textiles and furniture are huge contributor to landfill figures, with over 340,702 tonnes of unloved sofas making their way there each year. If you’re looking for a way to change your sofa, but keep your conscience squeaky green, replacing your sofa covers is a great place to start. Our incredibly clever team of sewers and makers use your current covers as a template for the new set, meaning you can feel confident in the fit, whilst also getting to choose a beautiful new fabric from our range of over 130 options. Plus, with our 0% to landfill promise, we’ll even recycle your old covers free of charge!

If you haven’t got covers to copy, or fancy reupholstery instead, simply drop us a line and we can refer you to our trusted sister company, Plumbs, who are fellow experts in all things furniture.

So, think your sofa is ready for new furniture covers? Whether it’s wear and tear that’s driving the decision, or simply fancying something new, our four step system is an easy way to solve it. Simply build a free sample pack to get started on your journey!

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