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Making your sofa sustainable

26th November 2020

Thinking of acting a little greener? Check out our ultimate hack to getting the eco-friendly sofa of your dreams.

Everyday Velvet replacement furniture covers
Everyday Velvet replacement furniture covers

If there’s one good thing about 2020 (and it might be the only good thing about 2020), it’s that we’re all actively trying to be a little greener. Whether spurred by a deep love for the turtles, or you just really enjoyed David Attenborough’s latest documentary, making eco-friendly choices is a part of modern life.

We all know that the best place to start making a change is at home, and chances are, you could even start where you’re sitting. Textiles and home furnishings are a huge part of the annual waste going into landfill, with over 340,703 tonnes of unloved sofas being thrown away every single year – and most of the time they could easily be reused!

If you have removable sofa covers, you might have previously considered revamping and refreshing your same suite, but across the UK only 17% of people do. That means a whole lot of new sofas being created and shipped in from around the world annually – and you will hardly believe the carbon emissions that accompany them.

In the production of a new sofa, an eye watering average of 90kg C02 is produced. For a little context, that’s the same as 35,715 plastic straws, 5940 disposable coffee cups, or 450 plastic bags!

But, what are you meant to do? When your sofa’s looking shabby or the cushions have lost their comfort, surely it the end of the line. Actually, nope! There’s a few alternative options available to you that don’t carry such a heavy burden on the environment…

Replacement covers: Of course, our number one suggestion is replacing the sofa covers with a fresh new set. This is perfect when the frame of your furniture is still in great shape and has years of life left in it. If you’ve already got removable cover son your furniture, look no further than our four step system. We can also provide new infills for your cushions to give a refresh to your sofa or chair’s comfort levels too. No loose covers on your furniture? Get in touch and we’ll pop you on the right path.

Reupholstery: Option 2 is the full body works of the furniture world. Reupholstery is a traditional craft where your furniture is stripped right back to its frame and rebuilt from the inside out. This intensive treatment is ideal where fixed upholstery is preferred or where there may be some structural issues internally that need fixing up. Though we can’t offer this service, our sister company, Plumbs, are the nation’s leading providers of quality reupholstery services.

The end of the line: We know that on some occasions, there’s a sofa that no amount of refurbishment can save. If you’ve had a change in taste (or maybe a growing family needs more seats!), why not share the joy of your sofa with someone who needs it? As long as your furniture retains its fire safety labels, it can be donated to a variety of charity shops – and a lot of the time, they’ll even pick it up. Simply check your local area to find out where!

As Kermit once said, it’s not easy being green – but by starting with the small steps, we can all make a big difference. Here at CMF, we’re committed to using recyclable packing where possible, a 0% landfill promise, recycling your old covers sustainably – and we’ve even just installed solar panels.

Hopefully we’ve said enough to save your sofa from a landfill fate, but if you have any questions about how to revive your furniture, just drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to help.

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