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Sofa covers to last in the sun

9th August 2023

Our loose sofa covers come with a 3 year guarantee for fabric (and workmanship) but it’s inevitable that colours will fade over time.

A key factor that causes fading is how susceptible a sofa cover’s fabric and colour is to UV rays from sunlight. Some sofa cover fabrics can resist UV rays well. The same goes for colours too. Some absorb the sunlight more so than others and will fade more rapidly. Let’s explore sofa cover fabrics that are most likely to keep their colourful good looks in sunny rooms, bright conservatories or infront of south facing windows.

Which fabrics fade the least from sunlight?

As a general rule, synthetic fabrics like polyester will fade the least in sunlight. This is because modern synthetic sofa covers hold dye excellently. Our sofa covers are made from a range of fabrics including polyester and polyester-rich blends. Here’s some insight on which of our fabrics are best at resisting UV light.

1. Signature Weave Saragossa

Signature Weave Saragossa

Sofa covers made from 100% Polyester like Signature Weave Saragossa (above) or Highland Check Oatmeal will still look their finest after many years. Made entirely from Polyester, these sofa cover fabrics have the best resistance to UV light in our range. Signature Weave Saragossa is a strong colour, suitable for all styles of loose covers for sofas including large sofa covers. It’s easy to care for too. Simply remove the large sofa cover and wash at 30°C.

2. Aquaclean Textured Plain Pewter

Aquaclean Textured Plain - Pewter - Sofa Cover

Made from a mixture of Polyester, Mod Acrylic and a touch of Cotton and Nylon, this Polyester-rich sofa cover will also still look terrific in years to come, even after soaking up the sun’s rays. Plus, it’s eco-friendly too. Sofa covers like Aquaclean Textured Plain Pewter (above) are made from a Polyester-rich blend, which makes it pet-friendly and easy to look after. You can either spot clean with water to remove any dirty marks, or machine wash the sofa cover at 30°C.

3. Chunky Weave Aquamarine

fabric colour

We stock sofa covers made from other synthetic-rich blends. Sofa covers like Chunky Weave Aquamarine (above) are made from a blend of Acrylic and Polyester, as well as small amounts of Cotton. Large couches and sofa cushions covered in this fabric will stand out for years to come and have little risk of fading even in the sunniest of rooms.

If fading isn’t a concern of yours, and you change your sofa covers regularly, this fabric is available in a range of colours too like Chunky Weave Rich Terracotta. No matter what colour you choose, this fabric is durable and family-friendly. Furthermore, It’s super easy to look after – machine wash at 30°C and avoid dry cleaning.

How the right colour will help your sofa covers resist fading too

The colour of your sofa covers has an effect on fading too. For instance, red, yellow and orange absorb more sunlight, while blue and purple fade the least. If you prefer to choose a sofa cover on colour alone, here are some examples from our range that will still hold up against the effects of sunlight:

Highland Plaid Sky

Highland Plaid Sky – made from 100% Polyester and a pale blue colour palette, a large sofa covered with this fabric will resist fading in sunlight.

fabric colour

Everyday Velvet Heather – A deep, sumptuous purple, and made only from Polyester, this sofa cover will still catch the eye after many years, inside or out.

Eco Velvet Teal – A luxurious shade of blue with green undertones, this velvet sofa cover fabric is made entirely from recycled polyester. Not only do you get a feel good factor with this velvet sofa cover, but it will look just as indulgent for many more years even in a bright living room.

Quality guarantee on all our sofa covers

We want all you to feel secure after you purchase our sofa covers, which is why we offer a 3 year guarantee on all our covers. In addition to this, we offer 12 months on our cushion infills. We want you to be thrilled with our sofa covers, which we’re sure you’ll never fall out of love with.

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We have a variety of other shades that will look stunning year on year, from a natural tone ‘Chalk’ to a Pear-green shade. And if you’re looking for any in-depth advice or extra information, our in-house furniture specialists are here to help.

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