Transform your living space with the best on trend styles for 2021

22nd December 2020

After all the upheaval of 2020, it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for a change. Throughout this year, the constant challenges have required us to re-examine lots of things we may have taken for granted. It’s prompted deep reflection about our lifestyles, our possessions and our surroundings – not just in terms of what they are, but what we want them to be, and whether those two things are currently the same.

These musings have now started to form the basis of some fascinating trends that are already emerging for 2021. Some might look particularly ambitious, but you might be surprised at how easily achievable they are! So if you’re thinking about refreshing the look of your own interiors with new sofa covers or any other ideas, maybe these brand new trends will provide some very welcome inspiration!

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, from Pantone

Since 2000, every 12 months Pantone has announced a new Colour of the Year. It’s always widely anticipated by people who work in creative industries, including interior designers and consultants, who then use it as the basis for their own stunning designs.

Normally Pantone’s Colour of the Year is a single shade, with only a few exceptions to this rule. 2021 is one of those exceptions – this year, it’s the unique pairing of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. While they might not seem like the most natural match for each other at first, when put into the context of this year’s events, they have quite a powerful message.

According to Pantone, Ultimate Grey is intended to evoke the texture of pebbles on a beach, the enduring ability to stand firm against whatever challenges life brings. The yellow, on the other hand, represents the positive things in life, the energy and joy we can find in our surroundings and in each other. By combining them, the company hopes to convey a message of strength and resolve against our current challenges, as well as a sunny kind of optimism – the anticipation of an even brighter future.

It manages to be at once realistic and wholesome – no mean achievement – and while particularly apt in the wake of 2020, it’s a wonderful atmosphere to create for your interiors at any time of year. Expect to see lots of inspiring designs from designers and homeowners looking to create their own take on this ‘unprecedented’ style.

Opulent grandeur


Everyone likes to feel like royalty in their own home, so it’s no wonder that there’s been a gradually growing trend towards ‘opulent grandeur’. We’ve all arguably spent more time than ever before in our homes this year, so this trend seeks to transform living spaces into lavish environments fit for kings and queens. Sumptuous velvet fabrics are amongst the main centrepieces of this luxurious style, creating the ultimate sense of softness and comfort, complemented by deep rich shades like emerald, ruby and sapphire.

Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to spend a tonne for this kind of transformation. Your sofa is one of the most influential elements of your entire living space in terms of style, so if the idea of opulence appeals to you, you might be surprised at the effect you can achieve simply by swapping your sofa covers for new ones in a deeper colour or softer texture. You can then enhance the look with little touches around the room, like gold or silver ornaments, new light fittings, and coffee table covers.

The great, green outdoors


While it’s always been a favourite of people living in rural surroundings, the natural world is now becoming an especially big inspiration for residents of urban environments and big cities too. Our changing relationship with nature was without question one of the more interesting trends to emerge from the tangle of 2020, as the combination of a long national lockdown and consistently sunny weather throughout summer and spring meant that far more people were taking walks and bike rides, enjoying noticeably cleaner air.

These experiences have provided fresh inspiration to use these verdant green hues and pastoral shades to evoke a sense of quiet natural majesty or tranquility. I’ve always particularly liked the idea of using plant life to enhance this atmosphere, with their wavy leaves adding another layer of calmness and escapism.

On the other hand, florals are making a comeback in a big way too, giving each space a distinctive sense of character with comfortable, traditional patterns – whether they’re used on sofa covers and other furniture, or printed as designs on wallpaper instead.

The concept of ‘green living’ also has another meaning these days, too, as it’s commonly associated with living a sustainable lifestyle. It can be hugely rewarding to meld the aesthetic with the ethos, creating a comfortable indoor environment that’s in total harmony with the world outside. (We’re very passionate about this sort of cause ourselves here at Cover My Furniture, and we’re committed to helping you with a number of ways to make your sofa sustainable!)

The versatile Scandi style


The Scandi style is a personal favourite of mine, and by all accounts I’m not alone – for a long time now, the UK has been obsessed with the Scandi way of living. The concept of hygge is an excellent example. In case you’re not familiar with it, the word is pronounced hoo-gah, and it’s one without a direct English equivalent. It’s typically used to describe, and I quote, “a sense of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness or contentment”. It’s not hard to see why that’s just the sort of thing so many people want for their homes!

In some ways, the idea of hygge bears some vague similarities to the Opulent Grandeur style I’ve described above, although it’s first and foremost about comfort rather than a luxurious appearance. It evokes that sense of being swaddled in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, as the rain batters the windows outside. That means lots of exceptionally soft fabrics like velvet for your sofa covers, although these ones are best suited to more modest, earthier tones that add personality and depth – shades like terracotta, rusts, warm greens, sand or beige.

Alternative interpretations of Scandinavian style are more simplistic and scaled down, and ideal for the rising trend of home offices. These Scandi-inspired interiors use contrast colours in neutral shades, such as grey and cream, or black and white. The furniture also has a noticeable sense of poise, such as chairs with slim legs and raised feet.

It all creates an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, not to mention tranquility – all qualities that make Scandi-inspired interiors the perfect spaces for clearing your head, staying focused, and staying productive.

These are just a couple of the biggest trends at the moment – ultimately, who knows what 2021 will bring? Whatever the case, you can be sure that you’ll never be short of inspiration to create the perfect look for your own interiors. That’s where we can help at Cover My Furniture, with a huge range of sofa covers, chair covers and more for your home furniture.

And if you’re having trouble making a decision, or you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let one of us know. You can get in touch using the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook or Instagram. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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