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UK lockdown means we’re showing our sofas more love than ever

3rd February 2021

2021 began with less than welcome news, as widespread lockdown restrictions were put into place once again throughout the UK. It’s the latest lockdown to reinforce an equally widespread change in priorities over the past year or so, and faced with an increasing lack of spending opportunities outside the home, most people are turning their focus inwards instead, refreshing the look and atmosphere of their interiors with affordable updates like new loose sofa covers. Happily, that’s exactly where we can help here at Cover My Furniture, with a comprehensive range of fitted sofa covers for you to choose from. And here are a couple more good reasons for a change…

Why now is a great time to update the look of your space

For so many months in the past year, millions of us have spent a lot of our lives staring at the same four walls. That’s given us time to re-evaluate our surroundings, and have a fresh think about what we want from them, and what we want them to be. Ultimately, that means you may have found yourself thinking of making a change for your interiors much earlier than you normally might do.

It’s become a particularly common goal in the first few weeks of January, as UK homeowners become keen to mark a fresh start to the New Year, and make a clean break from the worst stresses of 2020. Changing the look of your sofa is a great way to do that, as its shade and overall style has a hugely influential effect on your space.

Now obviously, everyone’s got their own vision for their interiors, and what makes them comfortable. Personally here at Cover My Furniture, we’ve found that lots of our customers seem to be drawing comfort from familiarity, often opting for loose sofa covers in classic styles such as Signature Herringbone Caramel or Luxury Cotton Weave Regency Grey. But equally, there are plenty of people who are experimenting with richer or more vibrant tones like Azure Everyday Velvet or Teal Luxury Velvet – perhaps inspired by some of 2021’s best on-trend styles.


Why choose Cover My Furniture for your new sofa covers?

We take pride in offering something special when it comes to fitted sofa covers and chair covers, which are all British made right here in Lancashire. In fact, our handmade sofa covers are made to measure, so that we can help you easily refresh the look of your tired old sofa while saving you the hassle and expense of buying a whole new one. (That makes it an excellent environmentally-friendly option too, as it cuts down on waste!)

So, how does it work? Well, it’s easy. Our entire process can be divided into four simple steps: Select, Snap, Send, and Solved.

Step 1. Select your favourite fabric from our comprehensive range. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your choices, we can send you a free sample pack so that you can get a feel for each of your potential new fabrics.

Step 2. Snap a few photos of your existing furniture. This gives us an idea of what exactly your furniture requires, and how we can meet those needs.

Step 3. Send us your current covers, along with a few simple measurements so that we can tailor your custom fitted covers precisely to your furniture.

Step 4. Solved. As soon as your current covers arrive, our expert team of sewers and makers will get to work using them as templates for your beautiful, brand new covers. We’ll then send the new ones right to your doorstep, ready for total transformation.

The entire process is simple, easy, and most importantly right now, entirely Covid-safe. You can freely update your interiors without needing to leave the comfort of your home, and you’re never left without something to sit on, as your sofa always stays right where it is.

We take care to provide a comprehensive range of sofa covers, chair covers and more for you to choose from – so that no matter your preferred style, you’ll always be able to find plenty of options to suit you. Plus, each of our sofa covers utilises washable technology, so you can keep it looking and feeling brand new for even longer!

If you’re having trouble making a decision, or you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let one of us know. You can get in touch using the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook or Instagram. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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