Grey sofa with green cushion and throw

What colours and shades go best with a grey sofa?

29th May 2024

According to Country Living, grey still holds the top spot for the most sought-after sofa colour, but is anyone surprised? From Scandi-style interiors to traditional, contemporary and beyond, grey does it all. It’s incredibly stylish and versatile and goes with a massive variety of different colour schemes, so the options are endless.

If you’ve got a grey sofa and you’re planning to revamp your living room, but you’re not quite sure which colours would work well with your current setup, or if you’re thinking of investing in some of our grey fitted sofa covers to help breathe new life into your space, look no further! We’ve pulled together a list of different shades and colour palettes that look gorgeous with grey and are sure to add an extra layer of intrigue to your space.

Beautiful neutrals

We have to start with the classics, and they, of course, are the neutrals. Timeless, classy and evergreen, neutrals are perfect for a range of interior styles, especially Scandi, contemporary and traditional – they’re never going out of style. So if you’re looking for something incredibly versatile, then this could be the style for you.

We’re talking shades of grey, tans, beiges and, of course, whites and creams; all of these shades work beautifully together, so any combination of these colours is always going to look harmonious with your grey sofa. To keep things light and bright, we’d suggest picking one of the fairer shades for your walls like cream or white. The beauty of neutrals is it’s easy to introduce a pop of colour without it clashing with the rest of your decor, so if you want to add some colourful throw cushions for some vibrancy, it’s all very straightforward!

Go green with sage

Chances are that if you’ve been browsing paint catalogues, you’ve probably seen a lot of sage green. Sage green has never been more popular than it is right now in the interior design world. And that’s because it looks great in a variety of design styles, including farmhouse, modern, or traditional. Better still, it goes beautifully with grey, so a sage green feature wall is definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about giving your space a lick of paint. Green also looks especially great with dark to medium wood floors, if you already have those in your home. Tie everything together with a lighter colour, like cream or white, for your accent, and you’re good to go.

Go bold with blue

If you’re looking for a match for your grey sofa, and you’re looking for something a little more daring, don’t shy away from bold colours. While bold colours can be slightly overwhelming, they can make for a beautiful atmosphere when they’re used sparingly, like on a feature wall, or even with complementary colours.

A deep blue especially makes an impactful statement but without being too ‘in your face’. Plus, the rich tones of navy or dark blue have a very calming and cosy effect, so if this is the vibe you’re trying to cultivate, blue is definitely worth considering. A bold, deep blue wall and a light grey sofa are a match made in heaven and have long been a favourite in many homes!

These are just a few colours you could pair with your grey sofa – but there are many other options out there! It’s best to choose a shade you love, that you’ll never tire of coming home to every day, and as long as you’re happy with the way it looks – there are no wrong answers! If you’re looking to upgrade your sofa, but you’re not ready to part ways with your current set, don’t worry!

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