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5 spooky signs your old sofa may be haunted

12th October 2021

There’s less than a month to go until All Hallow’s Eve, and with that sinister Sunday night only a few weeks away, maybe you’re getting a little more spooked out than usual by those things that go bump in the night. Mysterious sights and sounds can be especially hair-raising if you’re home alone, and particularly if they seem to be coming from your normally-innocuous sofa. Thankfully though, there’s more than a few of these that can be explained away as perfectly normal phenomenons – some of which can be easily solved with a new loose sofa cover.

Your sofa is making strange creaking sounds in the dead of night

This one has a fairly straightforward explanation, as it’s a fairly common issue known to plague old sofas. Essentially, the strange noises are down to little more than wear and tear. Over the years, the underlying frame of your sofa can start to weaken, which can lead to squeaking, creaking and squealing. As for it happening in the dead of night? Well, that might just be when your family members happen to be using it!

Bloodstains are appearing in the fabric

Red stains might be a cause for alarm in almost any other context, but less so when it comes to your sofa. Given that it’s your living room’s central piece of furniture, that makes it a natural gravitational point for socialising, relaxing, and of course, eating and drinking. What might appear to be a bloodstain at first glance is probably something more innocent like fruit juice, ketchup, or red wine. And if so, you’ll be glad to hear that here at Cover My Furniture, we know exactly how to help you get red wine stains out of your sofa!

An unseen animal is slashing at the fabric

OK, so there’s a (very) slim possibility that it could be a gremlin or boggart stealing in after dark to wreak some poltergeist-like havoc on your furniture. But let’s be honest, it’s far more likely to be your cat or dog scratching at your sofa – felines in particular are very given to this particular habit, as it’s both a full body workout for them, as well as a handy way to keep their claws sharp. Happily, we’ve written a full guide on the best ways to stop your cat from scratching your furniture covers.

Your sofa is inexplicably changing colour

While it might seem like the colour and life is being drained out of your sofa as if there’s some kind of upholstery vampire on the loose, what’s actually happening is quite the opposite. It’s not a vampire draining the life and vibrancy out of your sofa, but his mortal enemy – the sun. We won’t go too deeply into the physics involved, but essentially if your sofa spends too much time under direct sunlight, the UV light breaks down the bonds in the dye, causing it to look greyer and duller over time.

There are a couple of ways you can tackle the issue. If the fading isn’t too bad yet, simply make sure to move your sofa out of the path of direct sunlight, if you can. Or, if it looks too faded already, then you can restore its colour easily just by choosing your favourite loose sofa cover to put over it.

It whispers your name in the dead of night, and you hear screaming from somewhere

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but there’s no mundane explanation for this one. Your sofa is definitely haunted and you should move out, pronto. Just make sure not to take any of the furniture with you…

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