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If you're still unsure about how loose furniture covers could work for you, take time to read our helpful guides with hints and tips on where to buy your loose covers, what furniture styles you can cover, caring for your covers and how re-covering your suite could save you time and stress.

Covers Buying Guide
Made-to-Measure or Ready-Made. If you're unsure about which option to choose for your new loose furniture covers, take a moment to read our handy buyers' guide.

This guide will help you to make the decision that's right for you when buying your new loose covers.

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Buying Guide for Loose Covers
What can be covered?
You've decided to re-new your furniture with loose covers, but are unsure whether your particular furniture can be covered.

Almost anything can be re-covered with loose furniture covers. Plumbs can cover close to anything whereas Bemz specialise in covering IKEA furniture.

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What Furniture Can be Covered
Caring for your covers
You may be getting loose furniture covers because they're so easy to remove, wash and re-fit.  But what exactly is involved in caring for your new loose covers?

This guide gives an overview of washing, drying and refitting your loose furniture covers along with tips on how to reduce fabric wear.

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Caring for Your Loose Covers
To cover or not to cover?
Thinking about a new look for your home, but can't decide between buying new or recycling the old?  Consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying loose furniture covers for your existing furniture.

This guide highlights the pros of buying loose furniture covers.

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To Cover or Not
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Cover Guides
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