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Our favourite Spring fabrics for Spring 2024

27th March 2024

The seasons are finally changing! Not that you’d know it by looking out of the window sometimes, of course – but the skies are indeed gradually clearing, which makes it the perfect time to bring a few more Spring vibes into your interiors. As the centrepiece of any room, it can be easy to underestimate exactly how much your sofa influences its overall style. That’s one of the key reasons why something as simple as changing your sofa cover can end up transforming the entire feel of your space. So if you want to inject a new sense of Spring into your interiors, here are our top suggestions!

Luxury Cotton Weave – Sky

Luxury Cotton Weave Sky

Our Luxury Cotton Weave – Sky is one of our best selling designs here at Cover My Furniture, and no wonder why! It’s beautifully reminiscent of the brightest Spring days, making it a natural choice as we move into the sunnier time of year. This shade of blue is particularly light and airy, and it helps that blue has connotations of calmness and clarity too.

It pairs especially well with the increase in natural light that we all enjoy around this time of year, and personally we always think it’s an excellent option for summer rooms or conservatories – but of course ultimately, it’s all up to you!

Luxury Cotton Weave – Ochre

Luxury cotton weave ochre

Another favourite from our luxury cotton collection, our Luxury Cotton Weave – Ochre has a notably distinct character from its sky-blue counterpart, but one that’s just as well-suited to sunny spaces. Defined by its sunshine yellow shade, with just a hint of a green undertone, it’s the ideal choice for adding a little citrusy freshness to your interiors. That yellow tone also strikes a slightly different chord from the sky-blue, in that it shares that same sense of brightness, but has a little bit of warmth rather than cool. So, if you’re looking for a Spring fabric to add (or keep) some visual warmth to a particular space, the Ochre is always a brilliant option.

Aquaclean Textured Plain – Chalk

Aquaclean Textured Plain – Chalk

Brighter colours are amongst the most defining elements of Spring – and obviously, one of the flipsides about brighter colours is that they can sometimes be a bit more difficult to keep clean in a busy family home. Now, that’s one of the key reasons why sofa covers can be so useful in the first place, as they can be easily washed in the event of any spills or accidents – but our Aquaclean fabrics take that one step further, and that’s what makes fabrics like our Aquaclean Textured Plain – Chalk such a perfect option for this time of year!

It’s specially designed to be stain-resistant, while keeping its super-soft feel. If you discover any sticky fingers or paw prints, you can even just spot clean it with water – so you can enjoy the Chalk bright sofa with flawless peace of mind.

Cotton Diamond – Pink

Cotton Diamond – Pink

Looking for something a bit more bold and vibrant for spring? Our Cotton Diamond sofa cover perfectly fits the bill. Striking the perfect balance between simple and patterned, it’s the very essence of sophistication.

It also reflects one of the central characteristics that so many people love about Spring – after the dreary grey of winter, it’s a new season of beautiful colour and life. Our cotton diamond pink captures some of the best of these shades, such as the new bloom of roses and petunias. It’s brilliant for giving your interiors a strong sense of character, which makes it an especially good choice if you find yourself leaning towards the maximialist aesthetic, or even if you just need a strong statement piece for your interiors!

Those are just a few of our suggestions – you may well be able to think of plenty of new favourites of your own! Whatever the case, you’ll find a huge range of fitted sofa covers to choose from right here on our site at Cover My Furniture. Whatever your interior style, you can trust that we’ll have something to suit you. Why not take a look around our site, and see what you can find?

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