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4 top tips on how to create a minimalist living room

30th March 2022

The minimalist trend has been around for a while now, but shows no signs of going away – it’s the style that never dates and is always on-trend.

There’s a good reason for its timelessness – a minimalist design is all about focusing in on your carefully curated essentials. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a new aesthetic for your living room space, and one that can effortlessly blend with a variety of other styles. A minimalist approach allows you to easily inject aspects of whatever design trend you choose, while also maintaining a fresh, open feel.

We adore a minimalist style here at Cover My Furniture, and our bespoke, handmade sofa covers come in a range of colours and textiles to help you bring your Scandinavian-inspired design to life. We’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks over the years that we’ve been designing sofa covers for our customers, and as a result, we know a few things on how to create that perfect minimalist look.

With that in mind, here are our 4 top tips on how you can create a minimalist living room!

Keep it clear of clutter if you can

Nothing can put the dampeners on an otherwise perfect, picturesque minimalist interior than lots of ends and ends scattered everywhere. So why is that? Well, a lot of it is to do with what’s called ‘visual noise’. We won’t give you a detailed psychology lesson, but the basic idea is that the more stuff that gets crammed into a small space, the more there is for our brains to process when we look at it. That means our brains are subconsciously busier, which can lead to low-level stress.

Minimising clutter, on the other hand, means there’s less for your brain to digest – you can enjoy all the form and function and perfect proportions of your space at no more than just a glance. That’s the essence of the minimalist style, but it’s a delicate one – so if a minimalist style is what you’re after, you’ll want to keep clutter to a minimum! Happily, you’ve got plenty of options for doing so,

Clever storage solutions comprise one good solution popular with many of our customers. A few examples of popular clever storage solutions include nesting tables with hidden storage compartments, a roomy ottoman with a lift up lid (brilliant for hiding away spare cushions), and a modular shelf unit. Each provides its own great way of hiding away clutter, so you won’t need to throw things away to achieve that perfect minimalist design!

The idea here is that you make the most of the space available to you – if something can be hidden away, then go for it! In fact, that brings us to our next point.

Be more selective with your accessories

Minimalist designs don’t require you to throw out all your trinkets and ornaments – you’ll just need to think carefully about what it is you choose to display. If you’ve got a precious family heirloom that holds a special place in your heart, then by all means keep it and show it off to the world. (We’re not saying that you should throw away your treasures!)

When it comes to random knick knacks that have served their purpose though, it’s time to let go. The ornaments you choose to display play a vital role in maintaining that sleek, tidy minimalist look. We’re particularly fond of small ceramic black and white birds, or a couple of decorative vases, which are both fantastic options if you’re looking to add a subtle, understated bit of character to your living room.

Neutral colours

White is obviously the most popular colour of choice when it comes to creating that idyllic, minimalist interior. It’s easily adaptable to any style of room, and its light-reflecting properties are a great way of bringing a fresh, roomy feel to your living space. However, feel free to experiment with warmer neutral shades like cream and beige instead of just sticking to sterile white.

These can be really inviting, and they don’t just have to be limited to your workspace either. For example, a sofa in a warm grey looks much more inviting than one in a harsher blue. It’s perfectly possible to create a minimalist design that doesn’t feel cold and empty! Speaking of which, of course, it’s also worth giving a thought to textures.

Play around with textures

So what do we mean by texture? Basically, it differs from colour primarily in that different textures evoke specific tactile feels for your interiors. One good way to bring texture into your space is to utilising various different materials, each of which have their own distinct sense – fabrics, metals like copper or steel, or materials like stone or wood.

Now, while we know that smooth and sleek is the go-to for minimalist designs, don’t feel like you’re confined to this style! There’s plenty of room for tasteful textures in a minimalist living room. You can try out a few accessories like throws, cushions, or even a lightly textured rug if you’ve got a wooden floor. They’re all great ways of elevating the texture in your lounge, and you can take things to the next level by experimenting with mixing fabrics like leather, velvet, silk, bouclé, wool, cotton, and linen. This applies especially to your sofa and chair covers as well!

Here at Cover My Furniture, we take care to provide a comprehensive range of sofa covers, chair covers and more in a wide variety of textures and colours to suit any style. Our range encompasses everything from red, to orange , to blue, to yellow, and plenty more!

And if you’re having trouble making a decision, or you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let one of us know. You can get in touch using the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook or Instagram. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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