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Why cotton is a great fabric for sofa covers

30th January 2023

Easy to clean, comfortable, breathable and a viable option for a luxurious look too – cotton has a lot going for it as a sofa cover fabric. Read on to find more about this popular sofa and chair cover option and uncover the truth between the seams.

6 ways cotton is exceptional for sofa covers

1. It’s easy maintenance

Cotton upholstery is easy to look after and can be fit around your busy schedule. Simply remove your beloved cotton upholstery and put it through the washing machine. However, some cotton fabrics are dry clean only, so check the label first before washing.

2. Woven fabric

Fabric made from cotton is woven, which aids the durability of your sofa upholstery. Woven fabric gives the cotton sofa upholstery a unique appearance too, so your comfortable piece of furniture doesn’t just blend into the wall paper, but instead stands out in pride of place.

3. Easily blended

Cotton can be easily blended with other fabrics so you get the benefits of each. For a luxurious, elegant looking sofa that oozes class and sophistication, yet allows you to comfortably relax in your environment – a sofa with an upholstery blend of cotton and velvet will give you just this.

What’s more, a cotton-linen blend results in a fabric with crispiness so you spend less time ironing out those wrinkles. On the other hand, cotton blended with polyester makes the fabric durable and resistant to staining.

4. It’s breathable and comfortable

Compared to other fabrics such as wool and velvet, cotton is lightweight. The fabric also allows heat and moisture to move away from the skin of the fabric, so you can rest easy in cooling comfort.

5. A luxurious option

Wool has always been a go-to for a comfortable, soft and luxurious fabric option, especially for those wishing to complement their cosy living rooms. But did you know that cotton can tick all these boxes too? It all depends on the length of the staple the cotton upholstery is woven with.

A cotton staple is the fibres of the cotton boll that is harvested from the plant. These fibres have a definitive length, and the longer the fibres, the higher the quality of cotton. Following this principle, cotton sofa covers made from long fibres are incredibly high quality and just as comfortable as wool.

6. Patterned, printed or plain

Of course, it’s fine to choose a plain style of cotton sofa upholstery – if that’s what suits the “feng shui” of your sitting room, then of course go ahead. However, cotton is so versatile that it can be printed or patterned too.

These styles of sofa upholstery are perfect if you’d like to make more of a feature out of your couch. A sofa adorned with Cotton Diamond – Rich Claret will draw the attention of any guest, and will make them feel at home too, because of the comfy, breathable and lightweight nature of cotton.

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