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A quick look at the 4 most popular sofa colours in the UK

29th April 2021

When it comes to the style of your interiors, your sofa is one of the single most influential elements in the entire room. That means that something as simple as switching out your removable sofa covers can have quite a dramatic effect on your space. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people tend to choose their style of sofa cover depending on the sort of atmosphere and mood they want for their space. So allow me to introduce five of the UK’s favourite sofa covers, and explain a bit about exactly why they’re so popular!

1. and 2. Blue and grey loose sofa covers

Many of the most popular sofa covers in the UK are in some way encompassed by the blue or grey colour families, and with good reason too. They’re both stylish, modern, contemporary and highly versatile, making them an ideal choice in a huge range of environments. You probably already know at least a bit of the basics of colour psychology, in that blue is well-known to be physically calming, which is perfect for when you just want to sit back and relax at home. There’s a great deal of tonal variation available in blue as well, so it’s not hard to find an exact shade that suits your mood, from a light and airy powder blue to a deeper royal or navy blue. It’s all up to you!

Grey on the other hand is often referred to as a ‘true neutral’. It’s another highly versatile colour that serves as a brilliant backdrop for sophisticated and minimalist interiors. That makes it a cornerstone of the Scandi style, for example, which we recently covered in detail on the blog. Notably, grey forms the basis for two of the most popular interiors trends for 2021, so its popularity shows no signs of ebbing anytime soon!

3. Green sofa covers

Green is such a popular sofa colour this year that, like grey, it’s even constituted a whole colour trend in itself. It’s traditionally been popular all year round, but it’s a particular favourite for homeowners in Spring and Summer. It’s not hard to see why; green has forever been associated with the beauty and peace of the natural world, which can help it bestow a certain sense of calm and serenity on our interiors. In fact, that association with the great outdoors means that it’s often paired with other earth-inspired hues, creating a charming oasis for you to sit back and unwind.

A big part of green’s appeal is the positive effect that greenery indoors can have on our wellbeing, and so it’s a great choice if you want to pair it with plants to bring Spring or Summer into your home. And of course, I’d be remiss to mention that just like blue, there’s room for an expansive range of expression in green, from muted forest shades to vibrant turquoises to sumptuous emerald greens.

4. Beige and natural tones

OK, so I know that in most contexts, such as in the world of cars or fashion, beige is a colour that’s typically been dismissed as boring. But when it comes to sofas, while it might not have quite the same star power as blue, green, or even grey, it would be doing it a disservice to dismiss it as boring.

Beige and natural tones have been the undisputed champion of interiors for decades. That’s partially because it’s an undeniably practical choice, able to fit seamlessly in to a wide variety of interiors, and it doesn’t show up stains and marks quite as easily as pure white (always a bonus in a busy family home!). If you’re not sure where to start with the best sofa colour for your interiors, it can provide you with an excellent place to begin, and even today it remains a firm favourite for our customers right here at Cover My Furniture.

So whether you’re eyeing up those colours for your own home, or you’re thinking of something else entirely, you can count on us to have what you’re looking for here at Cover My Furniture. We take care to provide a comprehensive range of sofa covers, chair covers and more for you to choose from, so that you’ll always be able to find plenty of options to suit you.

If you’re having trouble making a decision, or you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to let one of us know. You can get in touch using the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook or Instagram. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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